Month: May 2021

The Link Between Insomnia and Mental Illness

May 25, 2021
Insomnia and mental illness are both on the rise. Treatment can help. Posted May 19, 2021 | By: Jennifer Reid M.D. KEY POINTS Mental Illness and insomnia are highly interconnected, with the...

The Future of Psychiatric Treatment

May 19, 2021
Is it time to update diagnostic criteria for psychiatric disorders? Posted May 19, 2021  By: Eugene Rubin MD, PhD and Charles Zorumski MD KEY POINTS The current diagnostic framework is...

Chronic Indecisiveness: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

May 12, 2021
Can’t make up your mind? You might be suffering from chronic indecisiveness. By Martin Seif Ph.D. ABPP and Sally Winston Psy.D.  KEY POINTS Chronic indecisiveness is the habit of not making...