Meet the Team

Wellness Specialists

Meet the Team

Just like anything, quality matters. Our services are designed to teach you how to use tools from the most effective treatments so that you can spend time focusing on what matters to you. We believe that change doesn’t have to take years, and that courage means self-improvement. Explore our services and contact us to learn more or make an appointment. Put good in – get GREAT out.

Courage Health & Wellness’s Licensed Therapists

Licensed Professional Counselor

April Cook, LPC

Working with our youngest clients, aged 5 through to those in adulthood, April helps children and families make changes through evidenced-based play practices. Her clients get the added benefit of support from her therapeutic service dog, Riggs.
Licensed Professional Counselor

Barbara Horn, LPC

From helping teenagers and families through crisis to showing couples how to find healthy ways to get reconnected, Barbara's warm smile and science-backed practices help clients break patterns that have been keeping them from what they want.
Licensed Professional Counselor

Jack Horn, LPC

Giving couples and individuals practical and effective ways to communicate and handle life challenges, Jack's humor and use of evidenced-based tools, helps tweens, adults, and couples get lasting results.
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Meg McSherry, LCSW

Using the fastest, most effective tools for change, Meg helps adolescents to adults overcome anxiety and traumatic events so they can have time for what matters most. Unless Oreo, our yorkiepoo, is greeting someone coming into the office, he joins clients during their sessions with Meg.
Support Team Member


Bonnie is here to answer questions and provide personalized support.
Support Team Member


Gogi works hard offering support to you responding to any questions that you may have, and all of your scheduling needs.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Peter Sorman, Ph.D.

Courage Health & Wellness is excited to welcome to our team, Dr. Peter. Dr. Peter is a clinical psychologist with a deep and varied experience in his field, spanning four decades. After years working with Veterans and Active Duty service members, with a specialization in cranial alpha-stimulation, Dr. Peter returns to private practice to pursue his passion for personalized, individual care
Certified Service Dog


Riggs is our certified service dog, and she may join you in your session.
Emotional Support Companion


"Give me a pat on the head and we'll both feel better. Got any treats?"