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How to Have a Great Social Life Even with Social Anxiety

October 12, 2021
Research reveals how to replace anxiety with chemistry. Posted December 22, 2020 | By: Wendy L. Patrick, J.D., Ph.D. THE BASICS What Is Anxiety? For many people, making small talk in a...

What Are “Mental Disorders,” and Are They Increasing in Youth?

August 4, 2021
The increasing medicalization of the human condition. Posted August 2, 2021 | By: Ralph Lewis M.D. KEY POINTS Mental disorders can have fuzzy boundaries with normality, enabling rising rates of diagnosis and...

What’s the Concern in Social Anxiety: Likability or Harmony?

April 28, 2021
In different cultures, socially anxious people may have different concerns. Posted Apr 26, 2021 | By Andrew G Ryder Ph.D. KEY POINTS Social anxiety disorder is generally understood as resulting from...